THE WEDDING by Liturgia– Terms and Conditions

1 Introductions and Definitions

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply between Liturgy Brisbane and subscribers to the electronic software THE WEDDING by Liturgia.
1.2 The 'subscriber' may be defined as the person who has purchased a licence to use THE WEDDING by Liturgia.
1.3 The subscriber confirms that it understands and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions with respect to the downloading, installation and use of the software.
1.4 THE WEDDING by Liturgia is valid for one couple only. For copyright reasons, each licence for THE WEDDING by Liturgia is valid for one wedding only, and must not be passed on to any third party.

2 Grant of Licence

2.1 The subscriber obtains a non-exclusive right to use the program for the period of the licence. Materials in THE WEDDING by Liturgia are licensed to the user, not sold.
2.2 At the expiration of the licence term, namely 12 months, access to THE WEDDING by Liturgia will cease. If a couple requires more extended access to the program, a new 12 month licence will need to be purchased.
2.3 Where a licence has lapsed, it can be immediately reinstated with the same username and password on payment of the subscription fee.

3 Licence Fee

3.1 The licence to use THE WEDDING by Liturgia is conditional upon the customer having paid the required licence fee which is currently listed as $35 for a 1 year subscription (or $40 when purchased with the accompanying handbook, When We Marry).
3.2 It is recommended that parishes who do not already subscribe to Liturgia, obtain a copy of THE WEDDING by Liturgia so that they can access the same content as the couples. In cases where a parish purchases a licence to THE WEDDING by Liturgia, each couple must also purchase their own copy.

4 Scope of the Licence

4.1 The customer may use, access, display, print or otherwise make use of the content in THE WEDDING by Liturgia.
4.2 The customer or couple will ensure that their login details are not shared with any other person and acknowledge that to do so is a serious breach of copyright.

5 Copyright

5.1 Having a licence for THE WEDDING by Liturgia does not remove the need to include correct copyright citations for texts or lyrics which are displayed on projection screens or printed in booklets created with this program.
5.2 Individual subscribers may use the information and resources contained in THE WEDDING by Liturgia for their personal, research or scholastic use. However, all use made of the data retrieved must be in compliance with state and federal copyright laws. For further information about copyright laws, see
5.3 Subscribers may not resell the data or retrieve and use it for the purposes of preparing a database or other electronic or magnetic compilation of such materials, whether or not rearranged in sequence or subject.
5.4 Subscribers must use their best efforts to protect the materials from unauthorised reproduction, distribution, disclosure, use or publication.
5.5. A license to THE WEDDING by Liturgia covers the user for copyright over the texts when using these in booklets or presentations, as long as the source is correctly cited.
5.6 Couples must contact their parish to obtain a valid OneLicense or CCLI license number and enter this into their profile. This number will then appear as part of each hymn citation throughout the program, and on any printed or displayed texts from THE WEDDING by Liturgia. It is the responsibility of the couple to inform the parish office about which hymns will be used as part of their wedding so that this information can be included as part of the parish’s hymn report.
5.7 THE WEDDING by Liturgia also gives users the ability to store hymn lyrics in their personal profile. Liturgy Brisbane takes no responsibility for copyright obligations when users store their own lyrics in the program. As mentioned above, copyright obligations need to be fulfilled by the user through consultation with their parish office who will manage the reporting of any hymns used in the wedding liturgy.
5.8 Liturgy Brisbane gratefully acknowledges the music publishers that have provided us with permission to store one copy of their lyrics in our database for users to download into prepared liturgies. Users agree to copy these lyrics only if they have a OneLicense or CLLI licence number and agree to report usage, under the terms of Australian copyright law and the terms and conditions stipulated by OneLicense. Hymns which belong to the public domain are also included. Liturgy Brisbane invites publishers to contact us if they detect an omission or error to ensure that any issues are rectified.

6 System Requirements

6.1 THE WEDDING by Liturgia is a web-based platform which requires an internet connection. It operates on PCs and Mac computers, as well as Android tablets and iPads. On payment of the subscription fee, users will be able to set their own username and password to access the program. The login page provides the option to reset a password at any time if necessary.

7 Support

7.1 The program incorporates a number of helpful tips for planning a liturgy, which appear when hovering over the question mark icons. It also includes a downloadable workbook which explains the features and functionality of THE WEDDING by Liturgia. It explains how to prepare, print or display a wedding liturgy and also explains how to access the wealth of content from the Liturgical Library. For questions which are not answered by these resources, customers are invited to contact Liturgy Brisbane at any time for assistance.
7.2 A subscription to THE WEDDING by Liturgia entitles the customer to unlimited support with regards to the operation of the program or the liturgical material contained therein. Customers can contact Liturgy Brisbane at any time on (07) 3324 3321 or via email: All account related enquiries should be directed to

8 Subscription Terms

8.1 A subscription to THE WEDDING by Liturgia lasts for 12 months. When a subscription renewal is not paid, access to THE WEDDING by Liturgia will cease at the end of the annual period for which the subscription has been paid.
8.2 A lapsed subscription can be reinstated at any time on payment of the annual subscription fee.
8.3 Liturgy Brisbane may terminate a licence if a subscriber is found to have breached any of the terms and conditions contained in this document.